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Norristown Area High School
Class of 1959
Important Notes

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We're Always looking for our Missing Classmates,
we'd like to get more people to attend these Reunions. Make an effort to help us find them. Thanks

Coming Soon

Missing Members

Allen, Willie
Bean (Deever), Shirley
Bonney,Hugh F. Jr. [ FOUND ]
Branca, Loretta
Branca, Michael Jr
Brennan, Karaalee
Clemens (Loughery),Mary Ann
Davis, John
Detwiler, John
Dixon, George III
Duckworth, Ormerod [ FOUND ]
Evans (Bolis), Carol
Gaines, John
Goddard (Brown), Marjorie
Griffin, Edna Mae
Halladay, Judith Ann
Hausmann, Fred
Himes (Jeffers), Carole Ann
Horton, Robert Jr
Howell (Herdman), Judith
Jones, Betty Lou
Jones, Carol Sue
Kades, Gail
Kratz, Robert
Kullman, Margaret
Landes (Royer), Kay
Lesko (Miller), Diane
Mann, Bonnie
Martini (Finwood), Judith
McClary (Roseboro), Cora
Morris, Raymond
Owens, Nancy
Parker, Richard
Price (Everson), Judith
Price, Pat
Ragusa (Buehler), Diana
Reed (Johnson), Shirley
Reed, Roger
Rhoads, William Jr
Romano (Thomas), Gloria Jean
Rothenberger, Marjorie
Silver, Charlie
Steele, Robert
Taggart, Austin
Wells, C William Jr
Williams (Todd), Virginia [ FOUND ]
Williams, Catherine
Wood, Gail


Deceased Classmates

Leslie Anders
Eber I. Bailey Jr.
Gerd Bruninghaus
Thomas P. Cahill
Conrad Duffield
Shirley ( Eastwood ) Wolff
Radcliffe Farley
Judith Guinyard
Janice L.Goshaw
Robert Grisdale
Ernest S. Hadrick
Walter Haring
Fred Haws
Kathryn Ann Heller
Joel Jaffee
Jay Lewis John
Robert Kocher
Robert C. Lee
J Edmund Lippy Jr.
Craig Mack
Loretta A. Manning
Walter Pennington
Lee Edwin Phillips
Paul L. Robbins
Sabella, Joseph
Edward Schlesman
Charles Schuck
James Shells
Alexander Smith
Ronald Stollings
Alice (Weikel) Romano
Anna L. Whaley


If you have details Dates, and/or Places where you knew these missing classmates were atone time, please provide it.

If you have info on a missing classmates current address, please forward it. If you knowof their location in the past, send the location, the applicable date range ( 1990-1998 )etc., and provide any additional details that may be usefull. Name of Spouse, Name ofEmployer, Hobbies, Best Buds in High School, Memberships, FOP, Knights of Columbus, Deaconat All Saints Church, Teacher at PW High School, etc.

Names and Addresses of In-Laws, Brothers, Sisters, Son, Daughter, Ex-Wife.

Anything that may be helpfull.

If you are a missing member and do not wish to be found, contact us and tell us that aswell.


Tho’ the earthbe filled with flowers
Most beautiful and sweet;
And the roses and the lilies
Hide the pathway at our feet;
Oh, the blue and white shy violets
Will e’er be our delight,
For they wear the loyal colors
Of our emblem –Blue and White.

In all kind ofschool athletics
No honor do we lack,
For to Norristown we’re giving
Victories won on field and track;
With a spirit never conquered
For NAHS we fight
And we never growl at being
Black and blue for Blue and White.

When our four yearcourse is ended
And we leave our school so dear,
We will make the world take notice
Of our Challenge –“Look, who’s here.”
For we’ve learned that white means pureness
And blue means worth and right,
And our lives shall be the witness
Of our love for Blue and White.

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Check Our list of Missing Classmates above and if you know where some of them are

send me an E-Mail and lets get them found!!