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Now, Get your Own Web Based E-Mail Account with the Vanity Address:
NAHS Alumni Mail

Then Add yourself to the list of people who have become members of the NAHS Alumni Association.We need your name, email address, and regular address for billing purposes. Also keep us up to date with your other Personal Details. Your Annual fee $10 Spread the word to your fellow classmates. and make sure you visit the links listed below.

If you know someone who wants to be listed that does not have Internet Access, or just want's to contribute to the effort, write to us on their behalf thru:

Send your E-Mail to:NAHS Alumni

Or ask them to send a Snail Mail to the Alumni Association using the High School Mailing Address


Send your E-Mail to:JPaulhamusWebmaster 1996 - 2007

The central NAHS Reunion Info web page, which lists all the Class Info and Contacts for Reunion Activities. History of Reunion Activity, and Upcoming Events as well.

NAHS Reunion Info Page

Want to see more info on Norristown Alumni? Check out these links !
Alumni in College
Alumni in the News
Alumni in The Community
Alumni in The Military

As the Membership Chair of the Alumni Association,
I'd like to invite everyone to join us, and these other organizations and help all of us grow.
NAHS Alumni Signup Page NAHS Music Alumni Signup Page NAHS Alumni Band Signup Page
Annual Dinners
The NAHS March 2000 Alumni Buffet Page
The NAHS November 2000 Alumni Buffet Page
The NAHS November 2001 Alumni Buffet Page
The NAHS December 2002 Alumni Buffet Page
The NAHS December 2003 Alumni Buffet Page
The NAHS December 2004 Alumni Buffet Page
The NAHS Alumni Progressive Dinner Page

Other Events we recently had:
Neil Simon's Rumors, at the Barn Playhouse
2000 Alumni Picnic at the Barn at Mermaid Lake
The 2001 Foul Shooting Contest
The 2001 Golf Outing and Picnic
The 2002 Foul Shooting Contest
The 2002 Golf Outing and Picnic
The 2003 Foul Shooting Contest
The 2003 Golf Outing and Picnic
The 2004 Foul Shooting Contest
The 2004 Golf Outing and Picnic
The 2005 Foul Shooting Contest
The 2006 Foul Shooting Contest

We'd like you to thank you for joining us in the spirit of the Alumni.
Other Events Upcoming:
The 2006 Foul Shooting Contest

We'd like you to Share some recent Alumni News.
From the Times Herald:
The Re-Dedication of the Memorial Garden

We will try and connect to all the existing Alumni that have signed up at some of the following sites, If you know someone that is an Alum that you are in contact with, invite them to join with us. And don't Forget we have the NAHS Alumni Assoc, and Also the Music Alumni. You can Belong to both.
Alumni.Net - Bringing School Friends Together
Curious Cat Cool Connections

Alumni WebRing
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Class Reunion WebRing
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So go pay a visit to these sites, and if you recognize someone you think may not have heard the good news, send them an e-mail, and let them know. Thanks