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Norristown HS Reunion Links Thanks Page!

Thank's for adding your Information to our list. The Ultimate goal of this list is to make it Easy for our fellow classmates to find info about their Alumni Association, Their Reunion, and to stay in touch with their fellow Classmates. and Schoolmates. Many times we had lots of friends that were a Class Ahead , or a class or two behind us in School.

We invite you to return often and check up on who's been here
and added info for others to read.

For this to work you also need to make posts to Message Boards in your travels over the web. You Need to add several links on your home page to this listing site and other sites that may contain references to your Class, Your Alumni Association, and Your Class Reunion

You also need to remember to us E-Mail Signature files when you send out E-Mails that contains the same information

Sample Signature file for your E-Mails -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

( I tell everyone to create a signature file and add it to their e-mails, similar to this one. It helps me with the Baseball Cause. Create one and use it in all your E-Mails and you can support your cause also. )

Joe Paulhamus
Administrator - Baseball Mailing List

Old Rootsweb Page
Rootsweb Baseball Homepage
New Yahoo Page

Share your experiences with others and help build strong programs in all facets of Baseball in your local area
Give me some feedback, and get involved.

If you have a Baseball Related Page Add it to the Directory.
Links Page

and once that's done go here and get some links to put on your site to help expand the Baseball Discussion List program.

Baseball Linking Page

If you happen to be in the Eastern Montgomery County, Pa area, visit the link below
We changed the location to aol because of the better service. Sorry!
Montco Baseball Boosters

And we also added a home site at Eteamz to provide some additional sources there. Guestbook, Schedules, Coaching Tips, Etc.
Montco Pa Baseball
Pay a visit to both today
If you have additional resources we should add concerning local feeder programs, or the rest of the local colleges, please send me an e-mail with that data.
Looking for Team Organizers, Coaches, Players, and people to give general support to our local Area Programs, for the Over 30, 40, and 50 Players

You can support from Plymouth, Whitemarsh, Norristown, East Norriton, West Norriton, Whitpain, or The Methacton Areas.

With your support we can make a big difference in the Team programs in those areas and continue to expand Adult Baseball.

If you do any, or all of the above, it would be nice to hear from you in an E-Mail that you've done so.

Baseball is a round thing

You Can Also Join Several WebRings that will give you added exposure, and the same rules apply to obtaining exposure to that as well. If everyone shares the information on their own site, and is linked to a collection of similar sites, it helps everyone.

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