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Soccer- What's that?

SOCCER - What's THAT ???

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Good question huh? That's right it's a sport?, similar to football where a bunch of kids run around and kick a round ball:

To most of us, that's about all it is!! What a shame. It is in many places a highly competitive team sport that has many aspects, offense, defense, strategy, stamina, speed, knowledge, team work ethic, extremes in speed, ability to make quick decisions, and reliability on your teamates.

There are some links here to introduce you to the way the game was intended to be coached, learned, played and won!!!:

After spending over twenty years coaching Youth Soccer and Other Sports ( Baseball, and Basketball ) Not only for my own Children, but for their peer groups, both older and younger, and trying during those years to work within the system to improve and expand it. I have gotten to the point in my life when i no longer have children involved, and can now spend time concentrating on the other side of the Ball, Wish us luck!!:

Here are some Starting Points to check out

Pennsylvania East Soccer Links - Soccer Yello...

OFFICIAL Student Guide - Soccer Scholarships

Soccer College Resources- from The SOURCE

Amateur Soccer Clubs and organization

The Sport Source

Here Now - New
The Soccer Links Page

Here Now- New
A reference page to local teams and others

Coming Soon
And a Page that lists the Ideal Coach , Check this one out.

Coming Soon
And a Page that Outlines the plan for turning the local area into a Soccer Hotbed,
JUST LIKE every other Area within 12 miles of here.
Check this out, only if you want to take some heat.

Here Now - New
Other Sports Info
76ers, Eagles, Kixx, Wings, Flyers, Temple, Baseball

Also Here Now - New
Motor Sports Info
Formula 1 Fan? - Join me here. Michael Schumacher Fan? - Ditto!

On AOL?, if so click here and go get some soccer info

Soccer Library

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